External breast prostheses

Certified advisor in adjustment of breast protheses, Danielle Perrault will guide you in a warm way through the process of choosing the right prostheses or accessories to suit your needs. She's welcomes you by appointment for measurements, fitting, adjustments and to answer your questions. On site, you will find a wide selection of  breast prostheses, adapted bras, well thought-out camisoles, bathing suits etc... Your advisor will wisely assist you with her great spirit and class on the variety of prostheses and their different uses: postoperative; for leisure and the practice of a sport; for everyday use, etc. In addition, she suggests bras and other accessories to improve your comfort, because several characteristics distinguish them. Finally, Danielle Perrault puts her talent at the service of your image and can certainly help you in choosing a swimsuit suitable for your figure. Do not hesitate to contact Danielle to book an appointment.

Various prostheses and products

  • Transition camisoles
  • Transition bras
  • Adapted bras
  • Swim suits
  • Sport wears
  • Etc...

Prothèses mammaires externes

Personalized services

Danielle Perrault will wisely assist you in choosing the right prostheses to suit your needs, and this, for each steps of your experience: recent diagnostic, postoperative or at resumption of your professional and sporting activities.

Several factors will influence your selection of prostheses and products:

  • The characteristics of each external prostheses offered;
  • The type of procedure you have undergone, a partial or total mastectomy, single or double.
  • In the case of a simple mastectomy, the natural breast is to be considered in the choice of the external prosthesis

In fact, there are several types of external prostheses: complete, partial, foam, transitional, adherent, to slide into the bra ... Danielle accompanies you and guides you with discernment and tact towards the products that best suit your situation.


Ajustment experience

Wear a prostheses to distribute weight and balance

Wearing a properly adjusted breast prosthesis that matches the size and shape of the remaining breast replaces the weight of the breast and allows for uniform balance and better alignment.

Failure to replace the removed breast tissue may cause back, neck or shoulder problems in some women.

Amoena- Ajustement prothèses mammaires

Danielle Perrault welcomes you with discretion and consultations remains confidential.

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