Hair Prostheses

Wigs and Hair Prosthesis custom made

For men, women and children

Danielle Perrault Coiffure assists you in a warm way in this universe of ready-to-wear hair. Danielle guides you through the process of choosing the right prosthesis to suit your needs and customizing it to match your style, your hairstyles and your taste. To regain confidence in your seductive potential, this is a step in the right direction.

Prosthesis and various products

  • Hand made prosthesis and machine made
  • Prosthesis machine made
  • Natural wigs
  • Synthetic fiber prosthesis
  • Volumizer (capillary complement to give volume)
  • Care kit to use during chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Turbans, hats, scarves, etc.

Custom services

  • Adjustment and corrections
  • Cut that matches your style
  • Color in accordance with your pigmentation
  • Hairdressing and make-up tips with personalized demonstration session
Hair Prostheses

Adding clips 12,50 $
Volumizer styling 35 $ to 45 $
Complete hair prostheses styling 45 $ to 65 $
Volumizer cut 150 $
Hair Prostheses cut 200 $

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a volumizer and a wig?

A volumizer attaches over the existing hair; Mostly on the top of the head with minicombs

How to choose the type of hair of a prosthesis? Synthetic fiber or natural hair?

It all depends on what you want to do, and for how long. If you wish to have several ones, then you could choose one with natural hair.

Can we modify the style after the prosthesis is bought and worned?

In most cases, it’s possible. It is is easier if the hair is semi-long or long.

What is the difference between synthetic fiber prosthesis and the one with natural hair?

The synthetic fiber prosthesis is lighter, not as warm, the hairstyle remains nice and requires less maintenance. The natural hair prosthesis can be easily styled by yourself, less sensitive to heat sources such as those from barbecues, ovens or dishwashers. On the other hand it requires more maintenance.

What are the benefits of a hand-made prosthesis?

The appearance is really naturel.

What are the advantages of a machine-made prosthesis?

The prosthesis will have more volume on the top.

How long will a synthetic prosthesis and a natural hair prosthesis remain intact and good to wear?

Normally the prostheses will be good for about 12 months, maybe more in some cases depending on the maintenance and the frequency of use.

How long can you keep a glued prosthesis?

Maximum one month

When should you start looking around for a prosthesis?

It is best to do this as soon as possible, before the onset of hair loss (which occurs about two weeks after the first chemo treatment). This way, by searching for a prosthesis while having your natural hair, the advice or suggestion on the choice of a prosthesis will be more adequate.

Which customer molded prosthesis recommanded for?

The custom molded prosthesis is for people with total and indeterminate hair loss, such as those with alopecia. The custom molded prosthesis is made of 100% natural hair.

What are the benefits of wearing a volumizer?

The volumizer can be worn by everyone; placed on the top of the head it will bring volume to all types of hair, more or less thinner. It can also be worn to provide a fringe or a toupee to those who do not have.

Belle Madame eyebrows makeup

Belle-Madame- Eyebrows makeup
BELLE MADAME eyebrows takes a few seconds to apply for perfectly contoured brows, a very simple way to get the brows exactly the way you want. The effect last 24 hours. The powder is semi-permanent and naturally resistant to wiping and water, even in the shower. It is particularly suitable for women without eyebrows, such as chemotherapy patients, or women suffering from alopecia. The eyebrow powder is very simple to apply - just remove any grease from your skin, hold the selected stencil in position and work with the brush in both directions. You can also vary the angle of the stencil and set the stencil for an individual makeup application. The powder only takes four to five minutes to take; after that, the powder will remain resistant to water and perspiration for twelve to twenty-four hours. The results are absolutely natural, beautiful and perfectly match the desired contours. Available in 5 colors.

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